RRP 144mm Trim System


RRP 144mm Trim system. Kit includes reduction nozzle, steering nozzle, trim ring, cable, lever and hardware. The RRP 144mm trim comes with SILVER trim ring. Trim lever color options are BLUE, BLACK, RED, and SILVER.

The RRP trim system is a super easy top pull trim system and was designed to be effortless and allowing for better rider control during maneuvers and
tricks. The trim design features increased water flow while minimizing pressure loss during turning and trimming, this was achieved with a all new trim ring
design that features a tight clearance between the exit nozzle, the trim ring and the steering nozzle. The top pull mounting point on the trim ring is slotted to
adjust the amount of trim the rider desires and creates the perfect rider feel. Kit includes: reduction nozzle, steering nozzle, trim ring, cable, billet RRP lever
and hardware. RRP trims are manufactured with thick exit and steering nozzles to allow for boring to larger sizes.