Meet the family.

Taylor is the dad of the family. He was lucky enough to compete in fresh and saltwater freeride competitions around the world. He now makes his home with his family in beautiful Lake Havasu, Arizona. “I’ve been fortunate enough to build my life around personal watercraft. It’s my passion, my business, and an industry I’m truly proud to be a part of.”

Dana’s the matriarch of the Curtis family. She’s been in the industry for over 22 years. She met Taylor at the beginning of his freeride career and hasn’t looked back. She watched him compete early on and is his right-hand girl helping to watch the sport grow and develop their full-time business. Dana loves her family, riding buoys, and is learning to love to ride waves.


She’s eight years old and, of course, has taken up racing. Racing is all she knows. She has a Superjet, and the best trainer she could ask for in a big brother, Coy. She loves her family, riding, and all things watercraft.

Coy - The Freestyler

Coy started racing jestkis at eight-years young. His access to the best equipment in the industry, including his dad’s equipment, has helped propel him to greatness. He’s the youngest freestyle rider in the world to do a back flip. Wow! Coy comes alive when in the tray seat and loves the adrenaline of the crowd. His fans make him get more creative, push harder, and pump his adrenaline.

Coy - The Race

He means business. Whether it’s a small-town race or the World Finals, Coy’s in it to win it. He takes racing serious, seriously. Coy races three different boats and won’t settle for mediocracy. He’s determined, driven, and one day hopes to go Pro. He’s confident in his family equipment, and team and hopes to be a champion.