Pitch Components Adjustable trim system


It comes as a complete trim system including reduction nozzle, trim-ring with rubber flow-guard, steering nozzle, cable and lever.

Every piece is billet aluminium and anodized - no welds.

The reduction nozzle outlet is tune-able in diameter, with a ring system.

The reduction nozzle comes in two variants:
 - Straight version
 - 5° 
up-sweep version


The reduction nozzle is tunable with rings, in diameter from 88 - 95mm, the size changes 1mm in bore.

With those different rings you are easily able to play around with different setups and find the perfect sweet-spot - without needing to bore any nozzles, going back and forwards between different setups and testing.


The steering nozzle comes in different variants as well, a standard and a tune-able.

- The standard one comes at 94mm bore and is a good fit for most setups.

- The adjustable steering nozzle which allows you to tune the outlet diameter from 94 to 99mm.
(When you buy this trim, it comes with a 90mm ring in the reduction nozzle and a 94mm ring in the steering nozzle)

(Spare rings is sold separately)